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 Wow your guests with the exquisite art of hand lettering! Calligraphy by Jennifer specializes in modern, traditional, whimsical and ornate styles suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re seeking calligraphy for envelopes, place cards, invitations, logos/monograms, a custom calligraphy stamp, or other custom design work, Calligraphy by Jennifer can create a work of art that will leave a lasting impression.

 Our professional services are open to clients nationwide and international. Choose from over 40 beautiful handwritten calligraphy styles and a variety of creative options. Our dedication and passion is guaranteed to be reflected in the final product. Let us help you create the vision of your dreams, and make your event truly unique and spectacular!


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We are dedicated and take pleasure in providing our readers with oodles of fabulous , stylish, and beautiful wedding inspiration, current wedding trends, real wedding features, updates on our calligraphy projects,  and all sorts of other spectacular finds.  It is our goal to keep things fresh and unique by highlighting amazing products, showcasing steller vendors and much, much more.  Aside from weddings you will also discover we feature some fabulous fashion finds, home decor/inspiration, fun party ideas and more!

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