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Recent Calligraphy: Custom Calligraphy Invitation and Gold Calligraphy Addressing

Just received pictures back of this beautiful invitation ensemble our Australian bride outsourced our calligraphy services for!  Notice the bow ties we added on the ends!

Photo: Love this beautiful invitation ensemble our Australian bride just sent to us if our calligraphy! More pics later:)

Also, we’ve been really busy with wedding envelopes too!  Gold is in right now folks!

Photo: Calligraphy complete for @jennyorsini @ellidesignstudio ! #goldcalligraphy

Photo: Gold Calligraphy = todays work!

Recent Calligraphy: Wedding Envelopes in our Modern Triple Twist Script

This fun modern triple twist script we made up ourselves combines three fonts we offer!  It is pretty popular these days among our clients.  Hopefully you will love it too!

Recent Calligraphy: Wedding Envelopes

Hundreds and hundreds of Calligraphy return addresses!

Bickham calligraphy script underway.

Shiny light blue calligraphy ink we just custom made for a client.