Floral Print Inspiration and Ideas

 Floral print is hot hot hot right now! The fashion industry has seen a flood of floral print from elite designers offering their take on the iconic pattern. The trend has even carried through in interior design too. Many decorators will tell you bright floral patterns showing up in furniture fabrics and home accessories are a must! Floral patterns are also making their statement in the wedding world…hooray!! You will see lots of floral bridesmaids dresses, tables covered in floral linens, invitations printed with floral graphics, etc.

So the question is, “Will you incorporate floral patterns somehow into your fashion, home or wedding this year“? Let us hear your thoughts on the latest trend. Enjoy ! xo


photo by www.ktmerry.com


Stationery by us www.calligraphybyjennifer.net

Designer: Jordan Payne Events
Photographer: Perez Photography
Flowers: Jordan Payne Events
Chair Dressings: Wildflower Linenchina
Table Linen & Chairs: Ducky-Bob’s
Mini Cakes: Dallas Affaires Cake Co





Bachelorette Glam Interiors

We love celebrating “Love and Weddings” but lets be honest not all of us are engaged or married on here! So with that being said we have to entertain all categories not just those getting married. For all you single ladies living alone, today is your day because we are sharing some fabulous and glamorous Bachelorette Interiors! One of the perks about living alone is having full control on how we decorate our living space! Whether you desire to have colorful furniture, sparkly decor objects, colorful window treatments, loads of chandeliers, etc….YOU CAN! Nobody is here to say No you can’t!

So today we are sharing some of our favorite all out girly and feminine Bachelorette Interiors!! Oh and lets add in that if you are married and there is a man in the home, just compromise and let him have his man cave and you have your decked out glamorous female space! After all isn’t that what marriage is all about:) xo

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Until next time…

xo, Calligraphy by Jennifer

A Candy Colored Christmas

Do you love candy colors? Why not incorporate them into your holiday decor and have a “Candy Colored Christmas Theme“! This ranks up as one of our all time favorite Christmas decorating ideas. It fun, cheerful and adds lot of visual interest to your home during the holidays. One of the great things about going with a theme such as is the fact you have the capabilities to mix a variety of colors. Whether you want to stick with pinks and purples or even add in blue, red and green, everything works! The more colors the better! Just be sure to add in a few metallic/shiny or sparkly elements for the ultimate Candy Colored Christmas!

See below for all kinds of ideas. We hope you enjoy! xo