Fashion Inspired Wedding Cakes

Are you so in love with your wedding gown that you would be willing to carry it’s exquisite details into other elements of your wedding? Many brides are doing just that and especially when it comes to their wedding cake! Perhaps your gown is flowing with ruffles, covered in sequins or intricate beading, or has a gorgeous embroidery pattern? All of these amazing details and fabric like designs can easily be replicated by your cake designer.

See below for a few ideas we have highlighted where wedding cakes are made to resemble the brides wedding gown or better known as Fashion Inspired Wedding Cakes.  Enjoy!

Inspired by Floral Applique

by Wendy Kromer

Amazing Pleats


Elegant Embroidery


Beautiful Beading


sweet pudgy panda via


Dazzling Sequins


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  1. These cakes are just incredible.

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