Winner Announced! (GIVEAWAY) Valentine Cake Jars


Our WINNER was drawn and the yummy Cake Jars go to Vanessa R.

Please email us to claim your prize.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What better time to spread the love than with a Fabulous Giveaway! This particular giveaway will send you into sweet and sugar heavenly bliss! Celebrity cake designers Leslie and Earl of Fantasy Frostings are whipping up four incredibly delicious Valentine Cake Jars to give to one of our lucky readers! How generous and kind of them.:-)

So if you love cake with yummy flavored fillings in between (see below for cake flavors and fillings) or need a great Valentine’s gift to give to that special someone, this giveaway is perfect for you!


Excited yet? Entering this giveaway is extremely easy. See below for Rules and How to Enter. One lucky winner will be announced Tuesday, February 7th.

 Enter up to 3 times!

1. Leave a comment below on our blog letting us know what you love most about Valentines Day or what you plan on doing for your significant other.

2. For a second entry, become a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer on Facebook and leave a comment anywhere on our page. Please also be sure to still leave a comment here on our Blog (don’t forget)!

3. For a third entry, tweet the following: “I entered to win 4 Yummy Valentine Cake Jars from @prettypenstudio and @mrfrostings at”.  Please also be sure to still leave a comment here on our Blog (don’t forget)!


1. Due to the nature of our giveaway (food), we can only ship to U.S. residents.

2. On Tuesday, February 7th the winner will be announced here on our blog and you will have one week to claim your prize. Please email us immediately after your name has been announced so we can get your shipping information

3. Deadline to enter is Monday, February 6th at 11:59 pm EST.

Pretty simple so please do enter and Good Luck to all of you!

Cake Jar Flavors

1. Strawberry Champagne White Cake with champagne buttercream filling
2. Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese filling
3. Pineappple Cherry Cake with chery buttercream filling
4. Vanilla Bean Cake with a marshmallow and chocolate swirled buttercream filling




  1. Yum! These look delicious and beautiful!

  2. The thing I love most about Valentines day is the ambiance of everything. I also love the fact that my boyfriend tries to be sneaky about things even though he isnt a big fan of V-day. He knows I love it…so he tries to be cutesy. :)

  3. Kelley Gibson says:

    Though most people think of Valentine’s Day as a way to celebrate romantic love, it has always been a family celebration for me.

    My parents have six kids-four boys and two girls-and Valentine’s Day was always the day that our parents gave us Valentine’s Day gifts to let us know how much we meant to them. My father celebrated his daughters with something special, & my mom celebrated her sons with her own gift. My sister and I always eagerly anticipated the chocolate hearts and wonderful cards that were from our father, and were just for us. To this day, even though I’m almost 40 years old, I still look forward to something from my Dad every Valentine’s Day that lets me know I’m still his little girl.

    Now I’m the proud Momma of two beautiful toddler girls. I am so happy to share the tradition of Valentine’s Day as a special day not with their sweethearts, but with their parents. I want it to be a day they anticipate as a celebration of just how much their Mom & Dad love them with a special gift that is just for them. If I was the winner of the Valentine’s Day cakes, I would give one to my Mom, one to my Dad, and one each to my beautiful girls. There’s no better way to show just how much you love someone than with cake!

  4. I am so excited to share my first valentines day with my fiance. What I love most about V-Day is sharing the love with all those who are important to you.

    These jars are awesome!

  5. I just tweeted about this awesome give away!!/mohlfest/status/164735734190850048

    Twitter id @mohlfest

  6. I tweeted too!

  7. these cake jars look amazing!!

  8. I am also a fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer on FB!

  9. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  10. My husband and I just got married in November and I made shutterfly photo books of our getting ready, the ceremony and the reception :)

  11. So…I know most people might not be too into V-day, but my mom always taught me that Valentine’s Day is a day to share Love! Not just to your significant other but to everyone you love and to whomever you think might need that extra TLC. I’m married now & my husband and I normally won’t go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day cause of the restaurant madness, but we do get all dressed up & make a romantic dinner at home.
    I also send all my girlfriends Valentine’s Day cards & my little cousins as well. I like to share with them how it doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not, Valentine’s Day should be looked at as a day to simply share love & kindness with everyone!

  12. Vanessa R. says:

    I just love the beautiful ambiance and colors of Valentines day. I am a nurse and everyone always comments on my scrubs that had hearts and pretty pinks and reds on them for the few weeks before Valentines Day. I also love getting and giving my fiancee a special little something just to show our love! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  13. I love a low key valentine’s day with my sweetie. This will be our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and we’re planning to make dinner together at home.

  14. My fiancé and I have never really done much for Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are too busy and we don’t need an excuse to show our love for one another! Instead we try and do something low key that both of us will enjoy. This year we are renting movies, eating ice cream out of the carton, and relaxing under a cozy blanket!

  15. I’m a fan on Facebook and I left a comment. Lovely!

  16. The colors, chocolate, romance, and frivolity of Valentine’s Day puts a smile on my face. It does everyone good to have [at least] one day to celebrate love! Plus it’s my mom’s birthday, which I think is fun. :-)

  17. What I Love about Valentines Day it is the celebration of LOVE from both young and old from the little cute “will you be my Valentine” cards that are passed out by the kids to the love glances that are shared between the couple that have been together for years it’s the one day that people don’t hesitate to sneak a kiss or hug! I love Vaentines Day and the celebration of LOVE!

  18. Catherine Park says:

    I love valentines day because my fiance and I handmake our cards, he plays his guitar for me, I cook us a several course meal together. This year we are going to Mexico for a four day weekend. This is our first valentine’s together since our recent engagement but will be our 7th valentine together. I love valentine’s day because we aren’t into the gift giving but we love to celebrate our love with I love you’s to each other, our family and friends. I have also retweeted the following above, liked on facebook and left a comment.

  19. Valentine’s day is just one day that you get to show your love to that significant other. It’s a time to renew love and eat a whole lot of chocolate.

  20. I love Valentine’s day because it celebrates joy. My boy gave me a card before we even started dating – just to show appreciation. He says every girl should get a card on Valentine’s day.

  21. What I like most about valentine’s day is baking treats for all the special people in my life. I don’t have a specific valentine this year aka I am single, but that means I get to have many valentines! My family, friends and my friends little ones all will be getting special cupcakes, cards and treats this year. I love letting them know how much they mean to me. I enjoy baking and decorating goodies, so they all get something pretty AND yummy to let them know how much I love them.

  22. Aimee Salzmann says:

    The thing I love the most about Valentine’s Day is the reminder of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres….regardless if you are celebrating the day with your romantic love, your children, your friends or family…love is the universal language and can be shared with everyone with simple touches of kindness and love to whoever you spend the day with. I wish every day was Valentine’s Day but every day is a day you can share love with others.

  23. These look awesome! Please pick me!

  24. FB fan ! Thanks for the great giveaway

  25. Valentines Day is a day for my husband and I to take time to take that date that keep putting off!

  26. What I love most about Valentine’s Day is that fact that this year will be my first one that we celebrate with our daughter. :)

  27. I liked your page on FB! :)

  28. Sherry Lykins says:

    I love doing special dinner for my husband and kids!

  29. I want to give my sweetie these cupcakes! 😉

  30. The thing I love most about Valentine’s Day is being reminded of how much I love being with my fiance. Our anniversary is 2 weeks before so we don’t go all out with the gifts, but we always do something special to remind us why we work through the hard times together.

  31. Danielle Henderson says:

    Although I do not have a significant other, I show love on Valentine’s Day to the people I care about in my life. Family, friends, and myself. I will take myself out on a date. You have to love yourself before anyone else can.

    Tweeted also: @DeeLady

  32. Some of my favorite gifts to give on Valentine’s Day are creative baked goods. I’ve made homemade decorated cookies with personalized messages for my significant other and best friends in the past! Valentine’s Day to me is telling the people you love that you love them. If you’re married this could be a significant other. If you are single this could be your best friends. The beauty of it is that you love someone in your life and you are loved in return. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of this and that is my favorite part.

  33. Jessica K says:

    I love that after 9 years with my S.O. that it’s not a big deal any more. We can just be ourselves without ridiculous movie-romance expectations.

  34. Jessica K says:

    I tweeted just now! Following @prettypenstudio and @mrfrostings

  35. Jessica K says:

    Already fan of Calligraphy by Jennifer on Facebook and commented

  36. I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I buy all the guys/girls at work chocolate hearts, I send them to all my nieces, nephew Dad & inlaws. My husband and I both buy each other gifts, cards & candy and my house is all decorated for Valentine’s Day. <3 <3

  37. nh_momof3 says:

    What I like most about v-day is baking with the kids.

  38. nh_momof3 says:


  39. After 20 years of marriage my husband and I don’t really need a “special” day to show our love for one another. Now that we have our son (7 y/o), we make it a family celebration of love! We surprise him with a bag full of goodies, go with him to his school parties and spend the night at home together making our favorite snacks and foods…which ironically include cupcakes!

  40. Laura Lander says:

    What I love about Valentine’s Day is spending a fun day with my husband. And the chocolates and cake are good too!

  41. Erika Mudry says:

    I love the cake jars! So cute and fun. I bet they’re yummy too =)
    What I love most about Valentine’s Day….cupcakes!! I make them every year for my love. We also usually go to one of his favorite places…pub, restaurant/brewery. I score big points for that =) lol

  42. With the chaos of the holidays, I never get cards sent out. So a few years ago I started sending valentines cards. Every year I pick a theme and make cards for friends & family. Also, I pick a few people I know have been having a hard time and send an anonymous card or email with a little extra. It’s important to tell people you love them everyday, but Valentines is extra special!

  43. We plan on making dinner together for a change!

  44. I also liked you on FB and posted a comment on your wall :)

  45. Jennifer A. says:

    I love all holidays and especially Valentines when I can tell the world how Blessed I am to have the most amazing husband in the chaos we call life. I plan on preparing a special meal of Grilled Chicken, Fettucini Alfredo with everything made from scratch…your cakes in a jar will be a wonderful way to end the evening :)

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