Calligraphy Challenge

Calligraphy by Jennifer Challenge!

Are you ready to venture into the world of calligraphy? Whether you are a beginner or perhaps looking to brush up your skills, we guarantee this challenge will be beneficial to both!  You will learn basic calligraphy techniques including guidance on how to form strokes, develop letter forms and a font that will later  advance into word development/sentences and so much more!  You will be provided with extensive worksheets, receive an abundant amount of expert tips, tricks and exclusive private one-on-one correspondence from us!  We are 100% committed and here to help you learn the basics of calligraphy, and improve any obstacles you may be encountering.

This ten day challenge is going to be a lot of Fun!  There will also be two prizes awarded at the end (a $300 gift card to a variety of fabulous stores or a Visa gift card). You will receive instructions and informative details of what the challenge entails in a pamphlet after your purchase is made.  (see below on how to purchase).

Jump on board with us now and join in! Read on…

What you’ll Learn

  • Basic Calligraphy Strokes that will progress into Letter Formation
  • Guidance on how to form Letters using a Font we created.
  • Pressure & Release Techniques (how to form thick and thin lines)
  • How to Connect Letters, form Words & Sentences with proper spacing
  • Tricks and Tips on Nib & Ink Difficulties
  • Plus so much more!
What you’ll Get

  • Extensive Learning Worksheets
  • Instructions on how to form Strokes
  • Instructions on how form Letters in a Font we have created for you.
  • A Master Font Sheet
  • Blank Guidelines
  • Unlimited Social Media Interaction with us
  • Personal Email Coaching and Feedback
  • Tips and Tricks to help you
  • Video Demonstrations (daily – pertaining to the calligraphy tasks you are performing).
  • A chance to Win a $300 Gift Card (2-Winners)


Getting Started

To join our calligraphy challenge simply enter your email we will be communicating you with in the field below, then click Buy Now.  The fee to join is $175 (this does not include supplies). Once you have purchased the challenge you will receive an informative pamphlet that will include instructions, details and a link to purchase your supplies (one stop shopping cart – low price – approximately $18 to $20).  Once registration ends on August 15th, you will have seven days to obtain supplies.  The challenge will begin August 22nd and end August 31st. Two winners will be announced on September 2nd.

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Cancellations Sorry, we do not offer refunds once you have purchased the challenge.