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Recent Calligraphy: Scriptina Font and Chancery Italic Font

We’ve been busy bees around here! So much going on and lots of new projects underway that will be revealed soon.  Until then check out some of our latest work. Enjoy!

This is our scriptina font

This is our chancery italic font

Until next time.

xo, Calligraphy by Jennifer

Calligraphy Cell Phone Cases

We have been brainstorming over here and curious to hear your thoughts on calligraphy cell phone cases.  Would you be interested in purchasing one? The cost would be a bit higher than your average case but keep in mind it would be completely custom!!  Let us hear your thoughts.  Please comment. Thanks!!


Luxurious Red Wedding Reception Overview

How incredibly gorgeous is the overlook of this wedding created by ellyB Events! Photo by Milanes Photography and Flowers by Andy Beach & Co.