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Recent Calligraphy: Wedding Envelope Mania!

Busy busy busy addressing these envelopes in beautiful calligraphy! Take a look at what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

Bold and Beautiful Calligraphy script.
Citadel Calligraphy script
Calligraphy return addresses galore!

Recent Calligraphy: Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

More wedding calligraphy envelopes to share with you all. Enjoy!

Bold and Beautiful Calligraphy script in gray ink underway today.
Love gold calligraphy ink! This is our uppercase playful script.

Recent Calligraphy: Wedding Envelopes

Lately our playful script has been pretty demanding in both lower and uppercase.  This is the lowercase look done in white ink. Enjoy!!

We also completed another order of beautiful calligraphy envelopes.  This was done in our Platinum Flourish Script.

We also just wrapped up another order using our Mix and Match option where you can choose too fonts. This was done in our Bold font and Spencerian script. 

Lastly, we mailed out a few samples this week to an invitation company in Texas called Brown Fox Creative.  Here are a few samples she received from us!  Enjoy!

This is our Rook Script in silver ink

This is our Mix and Match option in bold font and spencerian script.

This is our Modern Triple Twist Script in Pink Ink.