Food & Desserts made to resemble Flowers

Imagine biting into something that looked like a beautiful flower

Today we are sharing with you all sorts of enticing creations that were made to resemble flowers. These are all to pretty to eat indeed! We certainly admire the time, patience and of course creative talent that went into each creation. Enjoy!

by Leslea2 via

The Cupcake Studio

Brides Magazine

pumpkin downcakes topped with bledding figs

Pink Meringue Butterfly Kisses

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Gorgeous Cupcakes

Some Cupcakes are just ordinary but these cupcakes are extraordinary! Each exquisite creation was hand crafted by some pretty darn talented individuals. We think they are too pretty to eat how about you?

See below for all the sugary cupcake eye-candy. Let us know which is your favorite. Enjoy!

Have you ever seen anything quite as fabulous! ?

These lovely cupcakes are even served on pretty saucers with pearls wrapped around the cupcake liner.

Love how the icing looks like Lace!

Every lady loves a pair of fabulous pumps so why not have a cupcake with them too.

Chocolaty goodness!

Chanel inspired Cupcakes!

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