Stamp Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Rubber Stamps: Traditional wood handle stamp made out of resin. A piece of rubber is affixed to the handle with raised characters used to make ink impressions. Comes with a black ink pad, other colors available. You may also purchase other ink pad colors at your favorite craft store.

Self-Inking Stamps: Easy and reliable. This stamp has a built in ink pad that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without re-inking. These stamps can be easily re-inked. Comes with black ink, other colors available.

Pre-Inked Stamps: Top of the line stamps. You can make three times as many impressions as self-inking, and can be re-inked. These are great when you need something larger than a self-inking stamp. They do cost a significant amount more. Comes with black ink, other colors available.

Ink Colors Available

Rubber Stamp: Comes with a black ink pad. Red, Blue, Green and Purple are also available.

Self Inking Stamp: Comes with black ink inside. Red, Blue, Purple, and Green are also available.

Pre-Inked Stamps: Comes with black ink inside. Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown, Burgandy, and Flourescent (Pink, Red, and Orange) are also available.



Product Details - General Information

Design, Text and Fonts

All designs can be changed with various fonts we offer in our envelope gallery, captial/ lowercase letters can be changed, spellings can be abbreviated or spelled out such as states, streets, etc. Any other changes will result in a custom stamp. If you wish to have a custom stamp designed we would love to assist! Please just be sure to fill out all detailed information on the custom section box of the order form. You may also email us images of inspiration if you wish with ideas for your custom stamp.  When filling out the order form please be sure to include all your information in the fields provided pertaining to your order. It is very important you type the text exactly as you would like for it to appear on your stamp.

Stamp Sizes

All of our stamps come in several size options.  We have listed the most common sizes for rubber stamps on our price chart.  Rubber stamps can be made in any size up to 4" x 6" inches. Self-Inking stamp sizes only are offered in the sizes listed on the pricing chart. If you need a larger Self-Inking stamp we recommend our Pre-Inked stamp.  Pricing for those stamps are not listed so please inquire with us for details. Please note all sizes can vary slightly depending on the amount of text you want. You can find more information on sizes and pricing on our pricing page.

Custom Stamps

We most certainly can create a unique and stylish custom calligraphy address stamp for you! The possibilities are endless! Other stamp designs can be made as well. For example monogram stamps, company logo stamps, save-the-date stamps, quotes, holiday greeting or other special occasion stamps, you name it! On the order form please be sure to provide all details in the custom stamp box or notes section. We encourage you email us with any inspirational images to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stamp Longevity

Rubber Stamps - can last for a very long time with proper cleaning and care. We do recommend using waterbase ink pads. If using a craft ink pad it is important to always clean with soap and water after use to preserve the life of your stamp.

Self-Inking Stamps - last for a very long time! You can make thousands of repetitive impressions.

Pre-Inked Stamps - are top of the line. They make three times as many impressions as self-inking. These are fantastic when you want the function of a self-inking stamp at a larger size than what we offer. Please note these are much more expensive so pricing hasn't been included on our site. If you wish to have a pre-inked stamp please let us know.

Stamp Design Process

1. We will begin designing your stamp after payment has been received.
2. A Digital Proof (pencil sketch) will be sent to you within 2 to 3 business days of purchase.
3. Please review your stamp proof carefully. You will be allowed up to one free revision. Additional revisions will be billed at $15 per revision.
4. Once you have approved your stamp, we will do the calligraphy, then send it off to be made!


All of our stamps come with one free revision. Further revisions will be billed at $15.00 per revision. Please note the more revisions to your stamp the longer production will take. Once your stamp has been approved and sent off to be made no further revisions will be allowed.

Rush Orders

We try to accommodate all rush orders if our schedule permits. If a rush stamp is needed please indicate this on the notes section of the order form and when you need your stamp to arrive.


Your stamp will be shipped to the shipping address you have provided in the shipping information section of the order form. Please double check for accuracy before submitting your form . All stamps will arrive approximately 10 to 14 days after your digital file/proof has been approved.


Please visit our Hand Stamp Section for all pricing information. If there is something you do not see email us and we will gladly send your more details.

Please Remember

All of our calligraphy stamps are done by hand. We do not implement any of the words/text/artwork from a typeset font or design on a computer. We are proud to call our stamps 100% calligraphy hand-lettered stamps! Your stamp artwork may not look exactly identical to the design shown in our gallery since the amount of text could alter this slightly. We will always use our best judgement and creative expertise to give your stamp a polished and professional look!